Thank you for taking the time to read this. I take pride in my work and in creating and providing quality sessions for quality clients each time. I am not a high-volume provider. I choose my clients with care and am happy to connect with those who are a great fit for what I offer. These are some additional requests that allow things to flow smoothly to optimize your experience and allow me to best create memorable sessions for you.



~ For new friends, I appreciate an introduction via the form on this site, email, or voicemail.  The form or email are my preferred and most efficient methods. I don't answer direct calls or texts if we have not met.  Please provide 1-3 current references or ask for alternative screening methods via workplace or a phone screening.  Please plan ahead as screening can sometimes take longer than a day.

~ I accept same day appointments though the more notice the better especially for new clients. Morning and evening appointments require a minimum of 24 hr advance scheduling so I can access the studio space.

~ If you have any special needs (ie physical movement limitations), please notify me prior to the session so I can make any needed arrangements.

~ If you have session special requests, please have a conversation with me prior to appointment time to ensure that this is something I provide. I can not guarantee my session will be molded to your desires without a prior conversation. I have a flow and structure I enjoy in my work that works magic and wonders on many, so while I am open to requests, I appreciate them being discussed before the actual day.

Day of....

~ Please do not arrive early. If you are parked a few minutes prior to the session, it is fine to notify me, however, I will most likely still start at the appointed time unless I am already ready.

~ If you are running late, please call to let me know. If I am able to adjust the appointment time, I will.

~ I appreciate the courtesy of a phone call for cancellations.

~ Please place donation on altar or table upon arrival.


For our time together....

~ I am delighted that you chose me. If you were allured by my fabulous photos and body, I think you will be pleased to discover the intelligence, care, and substance that is contained in my form. I bring this essence to our time, the session, my touch and presence so your experience is infused with a sensual aliveness and awareness that is more than just skin deep eroticism. I invite you to simply open and enjoy this quality of experience. It doesn't mean you don't get to also enjoy the view of my pretty bod! The joy of sensuality is allowing it to be incarnate, in the flesh~ and infusing the body with energy intelligence is what makes it "divine." 

~ Good hygiene will ensure a more enjoyable experience for us both. If you have not showered within an hour or two, please accept my offer for a shower prior to getting on the table. It is a full body massage so if you think you will enjoy being touched there, give it a loving and thorough pre-massage wash to ensure maximum enjoyment for us both.

~ I provide scented and unscented shower soaps and gels and use a delicious warm coconut oil for the massage. It works as a wonderful skin moisturizer and of course, a shower is available at the end.

~ I will ask and please let me know about any off-limits areas, injuries, or other details regarding your body.

~ Please ask before touching. If you are unclear about my boundaries (which I will let you know), please ask again. Please honor the boundaries and don't attempt to negotiate. Wandering hands will be lovingly guided to where and how I desire to be touched. Boundaries and touch guidance are not about depriving you but about teaching about the feminine spirit and body. Much can be learned to make you a more empowered lover in your life.