I desire to leave you better off than when you first walk through my door, to instill in you a greater awareness of the wonders of erotic touch and healing, and to teach you something that you can take with you into your life.  My ideal clients are kind, educated, open-minded, generous, progressive and love to learn.  

There can be an interesting phenomenon in the world of sensual healing at times that a gentleman desires to feel special and he will hope for treatment above and beyond, and perhaps extra time or extra servcies sans donation to confirm this specialness.  While this is natural and human, what allows me to thrive in this calling is a total respect for the amount of training, self-care, and presence I put into my sessions.  

Men who really understand this and are generous and giving financially and *not* trying to get a sense of specialness through getting more from me sans donation are those I keep around.

What makes me most fulfilled in this work is having how much I give respected through honoring both my donations and the parameters of my offerings.  Your understanding of this communicates to me that you value both yourself, as well as me.  I'm a big fan of win-wins and so I hope when you visit me, you are also a win-win man. 

I've been told by many over the years that I am (one of) the best practioners they have ever seen.  I'm honored to be that, and take great pride in my work. Thank you for choosing me to support your sensual soul journey and for supporting my work and financial independence.