As an independent sensual masseuse and yoga instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am a charming combination of a down-to-earth, smart, candid and playful muse. I have both humor and depth, lightness and richness, the cooling mystery of the ocean and the heat and passion of fire. Described as a statuesque beauty, I have a natural athletic build, smooth honey golden skin, blond hair, stand 5'4" tall, and radiate a soft feminine glow.

My passions and pursuits include a BFA, several years of study in Classical Tantra, Hatha yoga and dance. Human behavior, unseen mysteries, the natural world, and esoterics also fascinate me. I love traveling and have been to some remarkable destinations around the globe. Many more travels are yet to come, I am sure.

Having an extensive background and certifications (yes, I am a CMT with many years of experience) in several bodywork and spiritual modalities, my erotic arts services are well suited for the respectful gentleman desiring a high-quality full body sensual massage and/or exploration and education in Sacred Inner Arts rooted in both Eastern and Western traditions, practices and healing modalities.

I bring my skills, intuition and full presence to my sessions that is undeniable and my goals is that you feel relaxed, vitalized, rejuvenated, and inspired. 
I invite you to explore your own divine body with me as your muse and guide.

With Pleasure,

Laurel Divine


 "Eroticism is one of the basic means of self-knowledge, as indispensable as poetry."  Anais Nin


  • Laurel Divine
  • Oakland, CA
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