Please note: I am seeing a limited number of visitors during Covid and taking extra precautions for everyone's safety.  I appreciate your own care as well as advanced booking.  I am a low volume provider and give full presence to my sessions to create memorable, high quality experiences.


**A Flavor of KINK + domination can be added to all experiences with advance request!**

~Sensual Massage + Sacred Inner Arts Tantra Combo~

This session combines my two most popular offerings into an exquisite experience landing you in complete bliss.  Divine unwind sensual massage combined with the fulfilling connection that tantric sharing creates. A mutual exploration of bliss points and erogenous zones using hands can be included. Initial intake will allow me to tailor the session to your preferences: if you prefer more of a FBSM experience, that is do-able. Prostate play available. 


90 minute: 650   

120 min: 850

2.5 hrs: 1000


~Tantric Companionship~

For those yearning for all that a full service encounter provides, this experience allows for an ecstatic exploration of pleasurable play and blissful union. Allow me to lead you into a full bodied sensory experience of shared connection.


60 min: 800

90 min: 1000 *recommended minimum

2hr min: 1300

2.5 hr: 1600

3hr: 1900

4hr: 2300


Sessions are held at my well appointed, discreet, upscale location in Emeryville, convenient to the freeway.  Quality amenities, clean linens, and ample toiletries all create a luxurious, retreat-like experience. 

Session space is sanitized and cleaned between visitors to ensure for impeccable safety and hygiene and no back to back bookings are allowed.

Outcall provided to upscale hotels and residences with prior discussion and arrangement. Outcall fee applies depending on location. $100 minimum, depending on area/distance.


You will find your time with me is not rushed and I encourage you to relax! If you're not sure what session type to book, ask me.

About Tantra:
Tantric Instruction and Exploration of the Body Divine:

Sacred Inner Arts Sessions are designed to take you into a deeper exploration of your sexuality in the realm of body, mind, and spirit. Sacred Inner Arts sessions can educate, vitalize, inspire, and open new pathways of understanding, acceptance, and skill in your life.

At the core of all Inner Arts sessions is the awakening of your awareness of your sexual energy AS life force/source energy that you can cultivate, circulate, and use to open into greater self-awareness and love.

What Sacred Inner Arts Sessions may include:

*somatic healing touch and massage

*eye gazing



*guided meditations 

*prostate massage


*yogic movements

*energy circulation techniques

*erotic blueprint exploration


*and more



What Sacred Inner Arts Sessions are great for:

*increased intimacy with self and others

*cultivating masculine presence

*exploring your erotic edges

*ejaculatory control

*enhancing body and sensation awareness

*mind-body-emotion-spirit healing 

*healing sexual shame and hang-ups

*greater skill and mastery of your sexual energy and desires

*learning what really makes you tick as a man in the bedroom

*rejuvenation on deep levels


When was the last time you felt really seen? This is the place to come to be seen, held in Love by a Priestess of Sacred Eros; to see and experience yourself, and open into a wider and deeper You.



~Delicious Divine Duo Sessions~ Double your pleasure! Full Body Sensual Massage Doubles with myself and another goddess ~ available upon request. Sometimes two goddesses are what's in order. 

Please follow this link for more info on my current doubles sessions with the lovely Claire. 




I have sessions available for women only as well as couples. Please contact me for more info.





"Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy – rather help others to truly understand its wonder, and to channel it properly."

- Neale Donald Walsh