"Laurel is fantastic in every way.  From the moment you set eyes on her til days after you leave her, your energy and mood will be calmed and relaxed yet excited and energized.  That's the beautiful enigma that she is.  She is alarmingly captivating in every way from her sexy little mischievous smile, to her amazingly delicious body, to her outstanding laid back soothing personality.  She is truly incredibly irresistible and the most playful and sensual individual I have ever met.  Anyone would be lucky to have the privilege of getting to know her and foolish to neglect the opportunity to meet her."  -Al
"Its difficult to put into words the transformational experience and connection I experienced with Laurel in the Sacred Inner Arts session.  I’ve reflected on the session a number of times through the past week and realize I have a gentle calmness come over me as I remember the deep connection we shared while looking at each other, breathing together and feeling her intuitive, caring touch.  It was a deeply spiritual and physical connection that we shared.  I believe I was touched by an angel.  She is a special person and someone that can change your life for the better."



"Laurel is a true beauty inside and out, a gifted masseuse, and is supremely tuned into her own sensuality, with an amazing way of tuning into yours as well. With precision and gentleness she helps guide and reconnect you with your own infinite bodily passions."  -Eric P.


"Wow, just wow!"  -Francis

 "Laurel's skills with therapeutic and erotic touch are more amazing each time. I feel transported to some alternate reality -- one that mimics what I hope heaven is like. Laurel is a true beauty whose warmth and openness create a session that is both relaxing and a memorable sensual experience. Laurel is more than the priestess of Eros -- I think of her as the Goddess herself."  - David


"Ohh gosshhh~ thanks so much for such a sweet session! ;) I was really surprised the next day when all of my back pain was gone. Earlier in the week, something felt stuck in my lumbar/sacral area, but it's free now! Also the evening following our get together, I had the most amazing extended, full body climax that lingered through the next morning. It feels like your loving and gentle care really re-energized my sacral chakra. Thanks again, and I can't wait to see you again!" - Hunter


"I have been a purveyor of sensual massage for many years. I also appreciate and need therapeutic massages as well. Laurel Divine absolutely combines both. She is a skilled massage therapist. She gives a firm knowledgeable massage that relieved my muscle stresses. Laurel is gorgeous. She has a beautiful body. She has knowing tender hands. She took me to the height of ecstasy and then brought me off the heights and landed me in a completely relaxed state that lasted for the rest of the day. Am I going back? You bet. Should you schedule a session? Absolutely. WOW"  - Sandel


 "Just want to thank you for today's incredible session. You are truly divine and beautiful and kind. What a lovely creature you are. I knew I was being generous with myself when I booked the session, but I had no idea how generous. I pretty much floated out of there and through the day. What a fantastic experience."  - John


"Rare and genuine; a very sexy lady who provides an incredible, memorable experience."  - Richard


"Spending time with Laurel is like taking a walk in the park on a spring day after a long, cold winter.  She has a lightness of heart and spirit and a sensitivity of soul that makes her a joy to be with.  From the time you begin with her, she makes you feel special, connected, and cared for.  After spending several times with Laurel, I feel more complete and accepting of myself, as well as more relaxed and happy.  She is super easy to talk to and connect with, and always seems to understand the essence of what I'm feeling each time that we are together.  She is a very special person, unique in her ability to understand, heal, and nurture.  Like spring in the park, she is fresh green, colorful like the flowers, and refreshing like a warm breeze." 
- Stephen


 "Laurel is one special lady - intelligent, beautiful, alluring, bright, sparkling, attentive, imaginative, thoughtful.... Although I have only experienced one tantra retreat with Laurel, we vibed wonderfully within minutes of meeting... she made me feel so, so welcome - then . . . what can I say - her presence is so erotic and her touch and connections so stimulating - she had me soaring into an ecstatic tantric mountain range... I live a long way away, but will make every effort to connect again with the lovely Laurel whenever I am anywhere near the SF bay."   - James


 "For those who seek a respite from everyday life and can appreciate a "journey into bliss", I strongly recommend that you let Laurel be your guide. Her caress is with her eyes as well as with her talented hands and they both come from the heart."  - Kerry

 "Laurel, I just want to thank you again for an incredible massage. Your massage is amazing and I think it was the best massage I've ever had!"  - Peter